All our gates are supplied with fittings and two fobs.

No power is required to either gate and no wire crosses the gateway

Carbon fibre arms and a breakaway clutch creates an extremely resilient product

Dofy Dog Gate

All the benefits of the Electric Traffic Gate with extra bars designed to keep both large and small dogs contained within a property. Each cabinet carries an energiser unique to Dofygate that supplies a light shock to an interfering animal. Using the same principals established with other animals the shock is set to deter the dog in such a way that the animal associates the shock with the gate structure and not the space the gate occupies.

Each gate unit has a total of 7 bars with the bottom bar just 75mm (3 inches) from the ground. The extra bars limits the width of the gate to a maximum width of 4.2 metres (13.6 feet) from post centre to post centre but since the extra bars tuck themselves behind the gate the full gate opening is available when the gate is in the open position.

We have manufactured bespoke versions of this gate to contain Llamas and even Rheas.

The Dofy Dog Gate takes the concept developed in 2010 and adapts the principals to provide a convenient way to keep dogs within a property. There are no wires to dig in as the gate is totally self supporting and has within the cabinet everything it needs to allow you to operate the gate remotely.

Options available available are

  • Extra fixed buttons for pedestrian access
  • Automatic closing with telephone opening
  • Bespoke signage


An electric gate designed for use in stock situations. A Dofygate pair that closes ¾ of the gap in just 2 seconds keeps you in the driving seat. The standard gate fits any gateway up to 4.6m and where the gate is containing cows and calves, sheep or other animals then the extensions are required. The extensions add an extra bar above and below the standard pair.

A built in solar panel maintains a battery that is designed to run the gate throughout the year. Our unique built in energiser produces a shock only when the gate is touched. The shock deters interference but at a level where animals will pass through the gateway when the gate is open.

Easy fit gate fixtures and no wires along with impact protection make Dofygate a simple, effective way to improve the working day.

Options available are

  • Height extensions (required for cows and calves or sheep)
  • Automatic closing and telephone / keypad opening subject to situation
  • Extra fixed buttons for pedestrian access



Derwent Lock & Security are UK ditributors for this product. Please contact us for more information