Agricultural Vehicle Theft have Trackers had their day?

Equipment tracking systems are a good way to deter theft. However, are they the best way? For all of their upsides, there are many drawbacks. One of the biggest complaints you will hear about electronic tracking systems are the costs.

While the Block Stem is a simple, one-time purchase, tracking systems require not only the original investment of the tracker, they also come with pricey subscription plans. These plans aren’t always fixed either. You will find many protests of price hikes, maintenance fees, and network fees, which can run a hundred pounds or more.

Tracking systems also require battery power, both for the system itself, and for the device which tracks it, such as a mobile phone. Running the app in the background can take up plenty of battery power, draining one’s phone. Many tracking systems are also reliant on Wi-Fi and data plans for monitoring. In some rural areas, this is not always a given.

While trackers can generally detect the equipment to the nearby vicinity, the location isn’t always precise. In an open field, this wouldn’t be much of an issue, but if your tractor winds up in a congested setting, this could pose some problems. Since a lot of systems do not show the GPS in real time, farmers can be looking at outdated results. More so if you have cheaper subscriptions which may only provide locations hourly, instead of by the minute.

If stolen equipment is traced to a building such as a barn or machinery shed, grey areas can begin to crop up into the legality of entering the facility. Many regions would require police to obtain a search warrant before they can enter the premises. Unfortunately for the equipment owner, this can be a time-consuming process.

Some tracking systems are bolted on to the machinery, which is not secure if the thief can find it. Others can be hardwired inside of the vehicle. While more secure, installation can be pricey, and even those can still have the GPS jammed and blocked, making it relatively useless when attempting to locate it. Some exterior systems have proven to lack waterproofing as well. So while they may work fine in dry conditions, if the equipment gets into muddy or wet areas, one would risk losing the trackers due to electronic glitches. The Block Stem is simple to attach and each comes with its own key — no two locks are alike – and works in all weather conditions.

Then you get down to the issue of privacy. Many employees may not be comfortable with the idea that they are consistently being watched. Some feel that by being tracked, their employers deem them not trustworthy.
When it comes down to the crutch of it, electronic tracking systems can be more complicated than necessary. The best way to keep heavy equipment safe is to ensure that it can never leave the premises in the first place. When compared to the Block Stem, tracking systems have proven to be far costlier and more complicated than needed. When it comes to protecting your equipment, it is best to keep it simple and affordable with the Block Stem.